The name is Simba, Simba Leon. I'm the owner of the new Bar/Girll, 'Greek Chamber' and recently graduated University with a business degree. 27 years young and getting sexier every day that passes.

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You lost the bet Elsa. Now you have to baby sit Anna for the next three months. Oh and you owe me twenty bucks.

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What day is it?


Are we in August? Bloody hell, where has the time gone. I should be getting my lesson plans ready!


Yeah, the summer was like nothing. One moment it was May, the next it’s almost September. How are you Seb? Aside from the lesson planning.

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fuckyeah, Hayden Christensen em We Heart It.

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 my face;  
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He makes the best expressions.

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Hayden dirt-biking on the Baja Peninsula for the May 2005 issue of GQ Magazine.

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What exactly do you mean? I was just enjoying an evening stroll.


Well you were making so weird faces. I thought there might have been something wrong. 

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